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What Are Lightworkers? Meaning, Characteristics & Tips

What Are Lightworkers? Meaning, Characteristics & Tips

What are Lightworkers? In this article you will learn what a lightworker is, what its characteristics are, what challenges they encounter and how they can deal with those challenges. Read along!

What is the meaning of lightworkers? Am I a lightworker?

A lightworker is a person who – since he / she was born – knows that he / she wants to contribute something to the world. The lightworker does this from unconditional love . So it literally feels very light for this person to do this: it doesn’t take any energy. It is as if ‘It’ (The Source) gives them extra energy to awaken the world.

As a result, other people in the world are inspired by the actions of lightworkers. This allows the consciousness of the Earth to be increased, making the Earth more loving (and moving into the Aquarian Age). As a result, old norms and values ​​can increasingly make way for new, loving norms and values .

Where do light workers come from?

Anyone can be a lightworker and anyone can become one. Some souls have been before birth, and some souls become lightworkers over time as they mature. Nor is it linked to any profession. So it doesn’t matter whether you are a baker, a nurse or something else.

Lightworkers are also sometimes called New Age Children and the number of lightworkers has been increasing since the turn of the century. It seems as if ‘It’ (The Source) is allowing more and more lightworkers to incarnate so that the next phase of the development of humanity can begin, with more love and awareness.

What are the characteristics of lightworkers?

There are not really any outward characteristics of Lightworkers. Most important are the inner motivations of Lightworkers by which you can identify them. These are their characteristics:


  1. Lightworkers feel ‘ different ‘. Yet they do not feel lonely when they are in contact with The Source and when they know that they are part of The Source.
  2. They are pure beings who do not act or are hindered by the ego . She does not care about status, popularity or material possessions. This makes them seem a bit unworldly, which is actually very positive: what we find ‘normal’ is actually very harmful.
  3. They want to do a lot of service and help others . That is in their nature. They naturally stand up for other people rather than themselves. They are the very first you see helping someone who has been wronged . For example, if a refugee is deported to an unsafe environment like Afghanistan, you will see a light worker who will stop the flight to save this person’s life.
  4. They like to do many things individually.
  5. They have an old soul: a soul with a fairly large consciousness . These are souls that are more evolved than others before they incarnated into this world.
  6. They have an interest in spirituality and dimensions that you can perceive with your sixth sense.
  7. They find angels, guides and light beings interesting.
  8. They may have psychic abilities and perceptions.
  9. Lightworkers like to act from intuition.
  10. They had ancestors who were very much involved in spirituality and religion.
  11. They can be highly sensitive . For example, they are sensitive to stimuli and they can empathize with others . In fact, this is so strong that they can take over and even take away the pain of others.
  12. They are emotional and cry more easily than other people.
  13. They love nature and animals. They care about the planet and are often vegetarian or vegan.
  14. They want other people at least alert and aware of the problems in this world, and that there should be a new, loving approach.
  15. Lightworkers are optimists . They believe in the joy, peace, love and ecstasy of reality.
  16. They feel like a magnet to other positive, peaceful, joyful and loving people.
  17. They do n’t really like authority.
  18. Lightworkers do not get angry easily, because they are peaceful in nature .
  19. They heal situations, other people and the world with spiritual methods. They believe in the necessity of spirituality for this world.

A lot of people like rainbows. Children make a wish when they see one. Artists draw them. Dreamers chase them. But the lightworker (aquarist) is much further than anyone. The lightworker lives in a rainbow. In fact, the lightworker has dissected and examined the rainbow. Piece by piece, color by color. And the lightworker still believes in it. Strange but true: the lightworker is actually a realist!
Linda Goodman

Challenges of Lightworkers

The challenge for a lightworker is to find balance in life and also to take good care of themselves , so that they can take better care of others. When they are out of balance, they can feel unrecognized or feel lonely.

Tips for light workers

  • Find the balance in life.
  • Accept yourself.
  • You may feel some self-doubt and self-condemnation because the norms and judgments of education and society are so different. Trust your intuition as soon as you feel that doubt. Free yourself from that, live according to your inner knowing and come to true self-expression.
  • Find and fulfill your mission. What does it mean to you to be a lightworker?
  • Get in touch with like-minded people.
  • Beware of spiritual narcissism. If you feel that you are further or better than others, then you are held back from growing and being able to be loving. Lightworkers are certainly not ‘higher’ or ‘better’ than others.

Lightworker training

For lightworkers, life itself is an ‘education’ in which you learn new lessons and develop your soul through experiences, situations and people you encounter in your life. Yet you can also find formal ‘light worker training’ if you Google for a moment. These are courses that focus on, for example, spiritual healing methods. Your work can also be made of this.

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