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55 Comfort Zone Challenges, Assignments & 9 Tips!

55 Comfort Zone Challenges, Assignments & 9 Tips!

Do you want to  expand, break through or leave your comfort zone? In this article you will find the best comfort zone exercises, exercises and tips to get more out of your comfort zone. Read on for all the ways to get out of your comfort zone.

What is ‘comfort zone’? The meaning…

Let’s find out the meaning of comfort zone by looking at its synonyms. Synonyms of comfort zone are:

  • Familiar circle.
  • Safe world.

If you look at the image of this article, you will see that your comfort zone is where there is no growth (stretch), where no new things happen and where there is no adventure.

However, we are in this world to grow, to discover new things and to have adventures. So ask yourself: are you really free and happy ? Or do you live continuously within your own comfort zone?

What you also see in the image is that you can shoot too much, which puts you in the stress zone. This has to do with choosing the actions that are one step – not two steps outside of your comfort zone. If the fitness coach asks you to suddenly squat 100 kilos, while you have never squatted, then you are in the stress zone.

There is no magic in your comfort zone. All fantastic things are out there.

Tip 1 – Get out of your comfort zone? Do these comfort zone commands

  1. See and seize opportunities to speak in front of an audience. Sign up for Toastmasters, for example.
  2. Do something new every time. Every time a new route, a new restaurant, a new recipe, etc.
  3. Test out a new hobby. If it’s just one trial lesson, you’ve just taken a big step outside your comfort zone and experienced something new.
  4. Hold on to your opinion or question more often before giving in. So have some firmer boundaries.
  5. Sign up for Couchsurfing and receive a couch surfer at home. Get to know new cultures.
  6. Live in another country for several months.
  7. Do a random act of kindness.
  8. Visit network drinks more often .
  9. Choose a special day out.
  10. Get up early , even if it’s for one day, to do something meaningful to you in the early morning.
  11. Relax and say goodbye to all kinds of things from the past that hold energy and contribute nothing.

Tip 2 – Become a world champion in asking questions

comfort zone questions

Is asking questions a bit out of your comfort zone? Many people are afraid to ask their question. Asking questions is the best comfort zone activity because it is a really useful skill. With the skill of asking questions you will get much further in life. In fact, do the ‘100 rejections challenge’ . Just ask for all kinds of nice things, and often it will be given too!

Important: don’t let it be begging. Ask for nice things. For example, whether you can feel what it is like to be in a police car.

Tip 3 – Do some of these ‘less serious’ comfort zone tasks as well

To get started, you will find a number of challenges to do here:

  1. Cheer very loudly on the street: ‘Woohoo yeah !!!’
  2. Go to someone you don’t know and start talking about your passion. Without asking the other one even one question. Perfect for 3 minutes.
  3. Take a cold shower.
  4. Seek and find eye contact with people on the street.
  5. Clap your hands enthusiastically while walking down the street.
  6. Give compliments to random people.
  7. Pretend you’re having an embarrassing phone call where others can hear it.
  8. Wish random people a good day.
  9. Bring a ball and play soccer with people in the park.
  10. Have a conversation with any person but it is not allowed to ask questions.
  11. Have a conversation with any person, but be brief. Speak as little as possible yourself.
  12. In a restaurant, order a burger they don’t have and be persistent about it.
  13. Talk to a nice person of the opposite sex and eventually ask that person out.
  14. Do the same as the previous one, but then gradually let your voice get louder and louder throughout the conversation until you project your voice loud enough for everyone in the area to hear it too.
  15. Do the same thing, so try to pick someone up, but when you’ve obviously spilled something on your face (like a milkshake or ice cream).
  16. Sick your favorite song on the subway.
  17. Go to the center of a pub’s dance floor and stare at the ceiling without dancing (until someone speaks to you).
  18. At the supermarket, play sword-fighting with cucumbers and juggle lemons.
  19. Lie on the floor in the middle of a busy street.
  20. Give people a free hug. Just like that or in a formal way: Make a sign with ‘free hugs’ on it, put on a blindfold, spread your arms and give free hugs.
  21. Take selfies with beautiful people.
  22. Ask people the time while they can see that you are wearing a watch and a phone in your hand.
  23. Give people high fives as much as possible. Keep track of your score.
  24. Find something to climb, such as a tree.
  25. Step on an escalator while staring like a zombie at people in the distance.
  26. Hold the door open for people in the awkward zone and watch them walk half jogging because you hold the door open for them. And even receive their thanks (for something stupid).
  27. The next time a telemarketer calls you, tell him / her a story. It may also be a nonsensical story: this morning I was hungry and then I went for a sandwich and then I was not hungry anymore.
  28. Chill in the elevator all day. Always wait for people to meet and don’t go out all day. Invite friends for more craziness. Bonus: Also bring a camera to take pictures with everyone in the elevator.
  29. In the elevator, ask if you can press the button for other people, but press the wrong buttons.
  30. In an elevator, say, “I really have to shit!” And when the door opens you run outside.
  31. In an elevator, pretend you’re smelling a fart. ‘Oh my God. Can you smell that too? It’s getting worse. Hooooh oh my God. Is it you?’
  32. In a toy store, keep people at risk with a toy gun. Take a look at how much money you can make.
  33. Place a ‘faulty / out of order’ sign on an elevator for everyone to take the stairs. You really do people a favor with this!
  34. Invite all your friends to play hide and seek at the mall. Do you know children? Have the children come and ask all of their friends.
  35. Stand in the middle of a busy crowd and point to the sky. Everyone will watch.
  36. Follow a pigeon in a light walk (‘Oh mister pigeon, come back!’).
  37. Smell someone’s chair after they get up.
  38. Is someone sitting on a bench? Sit next to it and fall asleep on that person.
  39. Play ‘Make’ em move ‘: Your goal is to get someone sitting somewhere to leave without touching that person. By the way, if you do this together with someone, keep track of the high scores forever.
  40. You get a point for each time you tap your nose against someone else.
  41. See the video above. Do you know the famous scene from 500 Days of Summer? Take turns shouting out a word like ‘penis’ in public. Getting louder.
  42. Donate to charity. More than you would normally give. Give with all your heart and this will allow you to receive with all your heart ( the law of attraction ).
  43. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time. Nice suprice!
  44. Ask 3 total strangers to compliment you. Super Challenge: Get a compliment from only the opposite sex. Then tease the other person a bit too.
  45. Walk up to 3 different people and let them take a picture with you. Super Challenge: Immediately add them on Instagram and tag them in the photo.
  46. Convince an employee to allow you to buy something for less than it costs. Try it for at least 60 seconds before giving up. Super challenge: try to get an item for free (success is not important, try to have fun with it).
  47. Approach 15 people and give them a high five or a double high five.
  48. Convince someone not to buy what that person has in hand – or persuade that person to buy it elsewhere, such as at another cafe. Try it for at least 60 seconds. Super Challenge: Convince someone to buy an item they don’t know about.
  49. Find a busy area and do 10 push-ups (or as many as you can) (+ claps and other variations.
  50. Talk to people you don’t know about a variety of topics, but without any smooth transitions between the topics of conversation: “I love skydiving. I ate Sushi yesterday.”
  51. Start a conversation with a stranger – and that conversation shouldn’t include questions from you. Only statements about the other person.
  52.  Approach five random people of the opposite sex and tease them with jokes that you exaggerate.
  53. Have a conversation with three different people you don’t know and create a ‘we mentality’ in the meantime.
  54. Approach five people you don’t know while mimicking the body language of one of the people in the conversation. For example someone with an overconfident attitude who takes up a lot of space and who leans very much back.
  55. Totally disagree with every sentence made by the other person. “Would you like a cashew?” “Never!”

Tip 4 – Do one thing every day that scares you

comfort zone assignments

Set the intention for yourself to do something every day that you feel a little tension for. This way you get out of your comfort zone more often and more naturally. So also do ‘scary’ things. By doing something small every day that scares you, you can ultimately do the bigger things more easily. For example:

  • Contact a great idol (famous Dutchman) so that you can have a conversation with them.
  • Take the trip of a lifetime.
  • Setting up your own business.
  • Start a family.
  • To fail.
  • To be successful.
  • Get more inspiration from the Youtube channel: The Yes Theory  and Mr Beast.

Live with the motto: if you can do it at all, you shouldn’t do it. If you can’t do it yet, you should do it. Otherwise you will learn nothing.
– John Grinder

Tip 5 – Do the yes challenge

You say no to all kinds of invitations that you would normally say no to. Read all about it here !

Tip 6 – The most important tip: open your heart

Open your heart!  In other words, your intuition . Then you will automatically enter the ecstasy feeling and get out of your comfort zone.

Tip 7 – Feel free to make a fool of yourself, and let yourself go completely (not half!)

comfort zone exercises

Here’s a tip from the self-confidence article , in which you can read a lot more about this: if you decide to go crazy, let yourself go completely. When you’re halfway crazy, your ego gets in the way and everyone thinks you’re unreliable. So be completely crazy!

Feel free to make the ugliest sounds you can produce (like Jim Carrey in the hitchhiker scene in Dumb & Dumber), like in an elevator with all kinds of people in it. Feel free to make the most spastic movements in all kinds of situations and move, jump and land as freely, experimentally and ‘moronic’ as possible.

Tip 8 – Use your skills to get something for free from a retailer / restaurant

Actually use your persuasion skills to get out of your comfort zone. Let’s just put in all of Cialdini’s principles first:

  1. Build sympathy and rapport with your warmth. For example, use your friendly smile and small talk to connect with everyone.
  2. Do the other person a favor, or make the other feel grateful to increase the chances of reciprocity. You can literally give something, or you can give a compliment , for example .
  3. Make sure the other person expresses that he / she is normally generous and likes to make gifts. For example, you can think of some things to use the consistency principle, such as having the other confirm his / her helpfulness, kindness, etc.
    Bonus tip: place an anchor  while the other confirms his / her generosity, without the other understands. Fire this anchor later when you ask for the free thing.
  4. Somehow communicate that you are of high status or an important person.
  5. Let the other person know how true it is that everyone values when people give things away for free.
  6. Time to ask for something (for example an ice cream)! Give the other person a reason to give it, using the word ‘ because ‘. Usually the other will already offer it automatically! If it doesn’t, politely ask , “Could you find it in your heart to help me with …”

Tip 9 – Be committed to something and pursue your dream

comfort zone dream

Finding something (new) important – such as a new hobby or project – and seeing it as a beautiful project that you will pay a lot of attention to, is also a way to keep stretching your comfort zone. Making your dreams come true is ultimately a very meaningful way of increasing your comfort zone, compared to the commands at the top of this article. Those are more of a gimmick.

Why step out of your comfort zone?

By getting out of your comfort zone, you grow. The reason for doing it is that simple. And sometimes it is necessary to take risks so that you can discover what your capabilities are and so that you can express your unique talents.

One of the well-known quotes about the comfort zone is:

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
– Neale Donald Walsch


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