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How To Choose For Yourself [24 Best Self-Care Tips]

How To Choose For Yourself [24 Best Self-Care Tips]

How can I choose for myself and take care of myself?’ In this article you will learn the basis and practical tips about how to choose for yourself: mental, physical and emotional. It’s time for yourself now! Read on to learn how to take care of yourself …

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Tip 1 – It’s time for yourself! Take care of yourself first, then take care of others

Ultimately, we become truly happy when we can take care of others. But … You can’t do that if you haven’t taken care of yourself first. It is therefore necessary to put yourself in place 1. Others will come after … And in turn, happiness will follow!

If everyone took care of themselves, nobody would have to take care of each other.

However, taking care of yourself doesn’t mean you become a bitch , it means you have freedom about when to take care of others and when to take care of yourself.

It is: Love thy neighbor as thyself.
It’s not love thy neighbor.
– Matthew 22: 36-40

Tip 2 – Choose yourself! Learn to say no and set your limits

Say no to others more often. If you do that, you’ll be taking care of yourself a lot better. How do you say no neatly and assertively? For example, use the following sentence,  “I care about you and no.”

If you think about your own ‘needs’, you are no longer ‘needy.’

The best and most practical tips for learning to say no more often can be found in this article about setting boundaries and saying no.  Open the article in a new tab, because below are some more important tips to learn to take care of yourself …

We were actually brought up wrong: “You shouldn’t just think about yourself. You should especially think about someone else.” You must correct first learn to think of yourself. Because why do people get out of balance? Because they no longer take care of themselves – and only care for others. Everyone wants to improve the world, but no one wants to improve themselves. Isn’t it about you in your own life? You have to be in the center of your own life and you can also take others into account.
– Michael Pilarczyk

Tip 3 – Do something relaxing to take care of yourself (such as a sauna visit)

Taking care of yourself

Go to:

  • The beauty salon
  • The sauna
  • The beach
  • A massage parlor

And relax! With the above activities you literally take care of yourself! This is the best way.

Tip 4 – Would you neglect your pet?

Do you happen to have a racehorse that is worth more than a million? Chances are not, but if you had one, would you leave it up all night, smoke cigarettes, and eat junk food? Would you treat a 10 euro dog like that? A 5 euro cat? And what about a multi-billion dollar body?

Tip 5 – If you don’t take care of yourself, you sabotage yourself

If you don’t take care of yourself, you cannot see and seize your opportunities. How many opportunities come along in our lives right now that we don’t see? We say no to those opportunities and we don’t see those opportunities because we think we are not worth it. However, that is part of the ego: the past.

Tip 6 – Only take on jobs that make you happy

Don’t do work that you don’t actually want to do.

Tip 7 – Banish all ‘shoulds’ from your life: Replace them with ‘What do I want?’

take care of yourself tips

Don’t do what others or society expects you to do. Do what you want. You are really free to do whatever you want. Look at the people who are successful. They are not necessarily better than us. They do what they want! They have the guts for it. This changes everything. Everything then works for you.

“What should I do with my life?” Stop that question! For you now task number 1 is to change that question to “What do I want?” This is also about being yourself. You don’t have to do all kinds of things to ‘make the world a better place’.

What do I want? From now on, adjust this question:

  • Whatever you choose for breakfast
  • What colors you wear
  • Which hat you wear
  • Maybe you want to do landscape design, architecture, repair, public speaking or maybe you want to soak more with animals.
  • On Saturday night: where do you want to go? Not: where should you go?
  • Who do you want to hang out with?
  • Do you just want to stay home tonight?

You don’t have to force altruism or be social.

Have the following rule for yourself: if it’s not fun, don’t do it. Do you feel like making a sandwich now? Do it. Want to walk the dog now? Do it. Something that makes you feel good will always attract more of that good. Joy is the fuel of success.

Tip 8 – Turn your body a little away from the other

You ensure that you keep your energy with yourself by not physically coming into contact with another. Turn slightly away from the other and place your hands crossed on your belly button. You break rapport.  While doing this, you remain present with the other, but without wanting to help the other.

Tip 9 – Do not give unsolicited help and advice

unsolicited advice

A very big step that you can already take yourself is: stop helping people without asking for it. Nobody asked for it, it costs your mental energy and besides, nobody listens to it anyway.

This is different from giving love and doing random acts of kindness , which give you energy. See the next section.

Tip 10 – Know the two exceptions when it is always good to take care of others

When can you always give unlimited energy and take care of the other? In the following cases:

  • Random acts of kindness: these are moments when you feel like you want to do something nice or helpful for a stranger. Do this! This energy you give can never run out. In fact: this only provides energy!
  • The same goes for help from you where the situation calls for it. You act in the moment when something is needed, without realizing it. This does not take any of your own energy because you are not doing these acts, but ‘the moment’. This is the literal power of the here and now.

There is a big difference between the above two exceptions and leeches that drain your energy.

Tip 11 – Switch off your phone with the following voicemail message

Taking care of yourself

Just turn your phone off regularly. What seems important is actually not important at all. You will find out if you take care of yourself more often. Set the following message as a voicemail message:

Hi, I’m living a wonderful life now. Please leave a positive message for me and I will respond to it later!

Tip 12 – You don’t always have to do something for someone in return: choose gratitude!

When someone makes an effort for you, make sure to show appropriate and immediate recognition. You don’t necessarily have to feel an obligation to give back to that person! Just find a genuine way to express your appreciation in words.

Tip 13 – Take this tip with a grain of salt: choose yourself rigourously

If you are one of those people who just takes care of others, then no tip is too extreme for you. Then please apply this tip! Still take it with a grain of salt … It’s the idea!

The tip to think rigourously about yourself goes as follows:

Are you present somewhere and you don’t really want to be there? Then leave immediately. Go where you want to be. You don’t owe anyone anything. If you want to pear him, tell him you are going to smoke or that you have to go to the bathroom, but don’t come back after that.

If you took this literally it would be rude and rude, but it’s the idea: just think of yourself.

Tip 14 – Go to a silence day: the ultimate way to choose for yourself

Go to a silent day! MAybe there is one being organized in your town. You will soon notice how nice it is to be alone with yourself, without others asking you for everything.

Tip 15 – Just notice how often you want to take care of others and count that

take care of yourself tips

Make a note in your phone. Then notice the natural tendency you have to care for, think about, or talk to others. How many marks have you put per day or per week? Then see if you can stay with yourself more often in the following weeks.

Tip 16 – Become a good receiver

Are you a good receiver? Do you allow people to give to you? Do you enjoy life to the fullest? Can you let the good times be?

If your answer to the above questions is no, what is your fear? Read the following sentences and notice if it triggers you. How much luck can you take before you …

  • Think: this is too good to be true?
  • Look at the holes in the road, or wait for the fall?
  • You’re gonna get suspicious, ‘Why am I so happy? And why is that person so nice? ‘
  • You start to feel unhappy during the peak of happiness in preparation for the valley aspect: a line that goes up will also go down again.
  • You ask yourself, ‘Am I good enough for this? What have I done to earn this? ‘
  • You hear your father say, “Let’s not drive ourselves crazy …”
  • Are you almost afraid of how beautiful, attractive and light you feel?
  • You almost feel guilty?

Receiving is about letting go. To be a good receiver, you must be willing to let go of expectations, plans, demands, control, pride, low self-esteem, thoughts of deprivation and addiction to difficulties.

Receiving is the key to giving. If you don’t receive, all you give is a sacrifice. If you don’t receive, you feel isolated, no inspiration can come in, relationships cannot flourish, everything becomes more difficult and there can be no synchronicity .

Receiving inspires a completely new level of giving.

Think of anyone who could benefit if you allowed them to give you more. If you allow them to give their gifts and develop their talents. Let your friends enrich you so that they may grow. Let your partner love you so you can see his / her true nature.

Tip 17 – Feel free to ask all kinds of things from other people, including help

asking for help taking care of yourself

You are not in balance if you find giving too important and taking too unimportant, or if you give too much and take too little at all. Feel free to ask people if you can have something from them.

If you see that a group in a lunch shop has just finished and that there is still a whole plate with a gigantic stack of sandwiches, feel free to ask if they are ready and if that means that you can have a leftover sandwich.

If it is windy outside and you have a sailing boat, you are not going to row, are you?

In fact, become a world champion in asking questions. Ask! Ask! Ask! Life becomes so much more fun and easier! This is a skill. Get good at this. And does someone say no? Not a big deal!

Tip 18 – Choose yourself: have self-love

Love yourself. Put your hand on your heart and say I love you.

When you fill your own cup, your goodness will naturally flow to others.

Tip 19 – Make it a priority to make time for yourself

It’s not ‘nice to have’, but you can’t live without it! If you don’t make time for yourself, a good amount of energy will run out sooner or later. Take it seriously and make it a priority to choose for yourself so that you keep the balance.

Tip 20 – Put ‘time for myself’ in your diary

time for myself

Make an appointment with yourself and keep it. It is a serious deal that just stands.

Tip 21 – Take small me moments throughout your day

Make use of all the little moments. For example by:

  • Take all your breaks.
  • Take extra breaks.
  • Just go to the store alone.
  • Walk the dog.
  • Take a walk during your break.
  • Arrive 15 minutes earlier for an appointment you have.

Tip 22 – Know that being alone is not the same as being lonely

There is a big difference between being alone and being alone. You can be alone and therefore feel extra connected with everyone. And besides, it already sees in the name: Alone … Already one …

Tip 23 – Listen to your heart, then you always take care of yourself

Once you listen to your heart, everything will be fine. You can read all about it in the article on following your heart. There you will also learn exactly how to do it.

Name one thing you need / want now and do it immediately. Follow your heart.

Tip 24 – Stop leeches

take care of yourself leeches

Don’t let others waste your time with endless conversations. Fortunately, there is a very simple solution! Just ask them, “Get to the point: what can I help you with?”

You can also set the right frameworks at the start of a conversation so that your time should not be wasted. So always say the following: “To make the best use of both of us time, we will set up a small agenda with a start and end time.

Tip 25 – Take a break: vacation!

Do you ever take a break? Taking vacation is becoming increasingly important, especially in the busy times in which we live today. But how often do you actually take time for yourself?

Many people think of a holiday as sun, sea and beach. Of course this can be very nice, especially if you don’t have to do anything at all after a busy period at work. But do you really relax during your holidays? Can you really find the peace and quiet at your destination or do you choose the busiest resort, so that you actually come back with even more stress than you left?

Good luck taking care of yourself!

These were all tips. I’m sure there are more tips to learn to take care of yourself and to choose for yourself. Could you leave them in the comments? Thanks in advance and good luck taking care of yourself!

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