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How To Stop Being Indecisive [9 Tips To Easily Make Decisions]

How To Stop Being Indecisive [9 Tips To Easily Make Decisions]

How can we learn to stop being indecisive and to make choices? For example about our career, in relationships or in life in general? Do you recognize that you often cannot decide and cannot make decisions? Inability to make decisions and choice stress is an interesting psychological phenomenon. In this article about making choices, you will get tips for tackling indecision.

Why do we give these tips on making choices?

If you take far too long to decide, it takes time and energy. You become unnecessarily tired, you hold up others unnecessarily and there is less room for action and fun things. In short: if you can make a quick decision, you will be happier and more successful.

Successful people make quick decisions and stick to their decision.

If you cannot make decisions quickly, you will fall victim to analysis paralysis.  You are paralyzed and weakened by all the energy that goes into the decision-making process.

How do you prevent that indecision? Let’s get to the tips …

Tip 1 – Make any decision within 30 seconds


As a rule of thumb, make every decision in your life within 30 seconds from now on. For example, if you are in a restaurant, always determine what you are going to eat within 30 seconds. Do this with everything in your life and suddenly a lot of energy is released.

Tip 2 – Use the five-second rule of Mel Robbins

If you want to make decisions, don’t endlessly negotiate with yourself. Suppose you want to get out of bed faster in the morning. You can give yourself mental pep talks for a long time, but you don’t have to. Much better to just launch yourself out of bed like a rocket.

Mental pep talks < Launching yourself

How does this technique work? Count from five to one. With one you just shoot into the action. Decision made!

What if I acted so fast that my feet hit the ground before my brain can start sabotaging and self-doubt?

Tip 3 – Making choices in life? Don’t think of making decisions as complicated

to take decisions

Don’t make it complicated. Life is simple but we make it unnecessarily complicated by dealing with decisions … See through this, return to simplicity and live without the burden of decisions.

Tip 4 – Difficulty making decisions? Don’t make the decision until you feel good

When you feel bad, you make bad decisions. So first take care of yourself and take a rest. After that, you can make much better decisions with a fresh mind.

Tip 5 – Indecisive? Make decisions easily thanks to your intuition

Also use your intuition for decisions. In fact, there is no longer even a decision. Then you just know what to do, what to choose or which direction to go.

Simply feel in which direction you are leaning or what choice naturally arises and follow that direction. You know that you are going to miss all kinds of things from all the other choices you have not made – but at the same time you know that the choice you have made is the right one.

Tip 6 – Use this NLP technique to make good decisions

Are you facing a decision, but are you struggling to decide? Then try the visualization technique below:

  1. Think about a time in your life when you made a good decision. Make a picture with it.
  2. Now you can start to notice all kinds of so-called submodalities of this picture. However, to keep things simple, we use the one submodality that is often the most powerful: location . So just notice the location of this picture. Do you see it to your left? Above you? On your right? Far away? Close to?
  3. Do the same for a time in your life when you made a bad decision. What is the location of this picture?
  4. Do you see the differences between the bad and good decision? In particular: the location of the pictures?
  5. Now think about the new decision you will soon have to make. Make a decision now and make a picture of that decision.
  6. What is the location of this picture? Where does this picture appear directly? Did it appear in the same location as the bad decision or in the same location as the right decision? Adjust your decision until it reaches the location of the right decision and then implement the decision.

Tip 7 – Develop your quality of decisiveness

make quick-dial-choices

Decisiveness is an important core quality in professional life for a reason. Here’s how to develop your decision making skills.

A real decision is measured by the fact that you have taken a new action. If there is no action, you have not really decided yet.
– Tony Robbins

Tip 8 – Can’t choose? Use the ‘make choice machine / game’

Visit the Wheel Decide website to make a wheel of fortune. Fill in the cake slices, turn the wheel once and your choice is made within seconds.

Tip 9 – Decide what you want in your life? Ask yourself good questions

Can’t decide what you want in your life because it’s all so unclear to you? Then it is because you are asking yourself unclear questions. So ask good questions so that you can make a choice more easily.

  • What is your mission: what do you really find worthwhile?
  • Ask yourself what your ‘Ikigai’ is. Complete an Ikigai schedule .
  • Ask yourself what you want. What is my passion? What makes me happy? What are you obsessive about?

More guidance with these types of questions? Then read the article about the law of attraction.

Tip 10 – Do you often feel indecisive? Read this book about making choices

There is a rigorous technique that deals hard with people who constantly experience indecision. The technique is called the five-second rule. Mel Robbins is the author of the Five Second Rule. It’s a simple technique that is clearly explained in her book.

To your success!

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