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Single on Valentine’s Day? Then do this… (Really works!)

Single on Valentine’s Day? Then do this… (Really works!)

Are you single on Valentine’s Day? Every other article will semi-cynically tell you that you now have that whole bar of chocolate to yourself. Here we do it completely differently: you get an optimistic encouragement to seek out the magic. Read along… 

Please don’t make cynical jokes about being single this year

You may have seen those jokes on social media every year about how singles experience Valentine’s Day. Or maybe you make that kind of cynical joke all day long. I imagine you can relate to those jokes a little bit, but could you be open to my suggestion that I’m sharing with you in this article?

What do you think I am doing in the pictures above?

Am I spreading the name of Jehovah? Am I selling charities? Of course, because those are the only two reasons why you could approach someone on the street or in a store?

But now seriously. Walk into a clothing store, stand on a square or pick up your dream partner at the Walmart. It is not that hard.

It doesn’t necessarily have to go well. Success means you did it. In any case, don’t whine and joke on social media about being single, because I seriously don’t like those kinds of jokes that make you look reactive.

Okay, are you single on Valentine’s Day? Then do this …

Step 1: Determine in which residential area many people your age live. Or take a nice walk in the center of a large residence.

Step 2: Step into a Walmart, clothing store or market square and wait for the man / woman of your dreams. I guarantee he / she will pass by. All you have to do is address this person with charm and respect: honest, a little ‘uncomfortable’ and above all, sweet. What you say exactly arises in that moment. You can find out how I approach someone in this way in this article.

On your luck!

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