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Rejected By Date/Love: How to Respond & Accept It?

Rejected By Date/Love: How to Respond & Accept It?

How can you deal with rejection in love or rejection from a date? How can you respond and deal with it? And how can you accept the rejection? The feeling of rejection hurts, so the fear of this is justified, especially if you are in love. Read on to learn how to handle it …

Can’t deal with rejection? This is how you deal with fear of rejection!

Before we get to the tips, there is one important thing to understand … Most importantly, rejection shouldn’t stop you from continuing to give your love back to someone else in the future .

Winners rise again after falling. Every time again. Those are winners.
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Losers no longer get up. Losers stop and don’t retry. Fear of rejection is the last thing you want. Because what do you do if you don’t want to be rejected? Then you hold back your love … You don’t give anything anymore. And if you don’t give anything, you can’t receive anything.

This is a feeling that we still carry with us from prehistoric times because at the time rejection equated to death: you had to belong to a tribe and not be rejected. However, in the modern age you have millions of partners to choose from without anything bad happening at all.

If you let go of the fear of rejection, you will actually give your love to potential partners. Then love can finally come to you!

How do you deal with fear of rejection? Let’s take a look at the tips.

Tip 1 – What exactly should you say if you are rejected? How exactly do you react?

In any case, always respond positively  to the other person. Rejection is also just a positive thing, as you will learn in the following tips.

Moreover, you are polite in the first place and from that feeling you can feel free to joke about it.

  • Thank the other person for his / her response.
  • Does the other say that he / she already has a partner or date? “He’s lucky!”
  • Maybe there is still something in it. Feel this and then you can just once innocently ask yourself: “Is it something serious what you have?”
  • Say whatever comes to your mind that is authentic.
  • Don’t go on too long. One or two comments are enough.
  • Then get on with your life.
  • Do not meet up as friends after all. You should have potentially romantic intentions, which is very different from meeting up as friends.
  • Just be kind, kind, considerate and polite to the other person when you meet. It’s kind of weak when you suddenly start acting less friendly to that person after your rejection.

How else do you deal with it? Be sure to read the following tips!

Tip 2 – Start loving rejection: that’s what all happy and loving people do …

happy life rejection

All happy and successful people in life have one thing in common – they are willing to be rejected. They know: if you want to win something, you have to be willing to lose something.

Do you hold back your love and don’t give it away for fear of being rejected? Then you cannot get back love and happiness. If you do not dare to give love (with the risk of rejection), you will not get love. Research has been done on this and the results have been recorded in the theory of vulnerability . From now on you are going to love rejection. This is the right attitude.

Confusion is good. No rainbow without a storm.

Even ( especially ) the best in the world get a lot of rejections. In fact, if you want to win over a certain group of people, you have to be prepared to be rejected by another large group.

Not everyone can find you handsome, fun, and attractive. But a lot of people do .

See Donald Trump. He only made it this far in the election by being rejected by millions of others. Not being hated by anyone means that you are not loved by anyone either. You can’t have everything. Thus, rejections are required for success.

Confusion always comes before insight: clarity and understanding comes after confusion.

So have the mindset: rejection is part of success . You can even go that far by entering situations with the thought: ‘you’re here to ruin shit’. That means you’re totally okay with ruining a situation for yourself. Don’t play it safe.  What you came up with doesn’t have to work at all. The bar can be very low, so you can make good mistakes.

Rejection and disapproval are required for a happy and loving life.

If you are in it like this, you will take action more easily and more often. Many people do nothing at all for too long for fear of rejection, so let me tell you more strongly:  Go for the rejection. This is necessary for success. Thus rejection loses control of you.

Everything worth doing well, is worth doing badly at first. Experimenteer en word beter.

You have to hope that you feel uncomfortable. Confusion, sacrifice and letting go means you learn. You can be grateful for that.

You cannot please everyone: you even have to (be prepared to) reject people. I recently met a woman and she flinched after I tried to kiss her. ‘What are you doing?’ She said. I just smile back and say, “Didn’t you notice?” “Yes,” she answers in surprise, “but you’re going way too fast.” (By the way, she had a point here: I tried to kiss her after 30 seconds). My reaction was as follows: ‘My philosophy is that I only live with people who hate me or who love me. I have no need for people who have doubts or have to think about it. So take your pick. ‘ 10 seconds later she kisses me.

If you don’t let anyone hate you, you’re doing something wrong.
– Steve Jobs

Tip 3 – Statistically there will always be rejections, and only you decide how you deal with them

have more self-confidence

This is a confidence booster when it comes to flirting : confidence with men and confidence with women.

You have to get rejections and deal with them. Preferably as follows: a disapproval won’t hurt you. “There are plenty who like me.” The 60/40 principle is part of this: think of dating. 60% depends on the other, her world and her character. There will always be a gaping hole, there will always be rejections. That is part of it.

There are 3 categories of people you can meet:

  1. Receptive to love
  2. Neutral
  3. Not receptive to love

You cannot help which category the person you decide to address belongs to. You can work with the first two categories. The latter category is seriously not worth the effort.

When it comes to dating, and you’re still trying to “win” a third-category woman, only one in a hundred might change their mind. Rather go on! You can filter out the third category through honesty. Think of it as a treasure hunt, then it even gets fun.

Let’s stick to dating for a while. However, most men take rejection personally. Only a small percentage of the many women who are right for you. You will miss 95% of your shots. That was always the case, but when you were not yet vulnerable, you hardly fired, so as not to be rejected. If you allow yourself to miss most of the time, you can shoot as many times as you want.

You have to shoot or you can’t score.
– Johan Cruijff

Tip 4 – Only you can reject yourself, and only you can give yourself love

tips for rejection

Be independent of others. Only you can reject yourself, and only you can give yourself love . Others cannot do that for you. Know and affirm : I matter. I love myself. I am valuable and all my aspects can be there.

Fortunately, you don’t become someone else’s. But from yourself. It is an illusion to get it from someone else. I found happiness in the here and now, at my piano, in dancing and laughing at silly jokes.

If you still feel rejected by someone else, it is always a reflection of your own rejection of yourself. What about yourself do you reject?

The greatest artists are laughed at. I would be too rude and sturdy. I’ll just be myself!
– Little finger

Tip 5 – Fear of rejection? Have fun: self-entertainment!

You can also quickly build self-confidence with this, so that you can better deal with rejection. You can simplify everything just by thinking: ‘have fun!’ For example, only think about “I’m saying hi”. If it failed, you may think it was just self-entertainment. Then you can laugh later. You did your best.

If you turn me down, I’m sorry for you. Rejection is not my problem. It is unfortunate for the other. Be filled with self-love. That is freedom: that no one can take that away from you. And how is it that you are allowed to reject – while others are not allowed to reject you? So rejection is respect. The more people reject me, the more successful I am.
– Roy Martina

Tip 6 – Learn the noble art of giving importance to things far more important than rejection

dealing with rejection

Don’t care about rejection. What kind of trivial thing is that? Do you have nothing more important in your life that is really important? Care about the important things in life! Besides, if you don’t care about the results, you will get the results. A complete summary of The noble art of not giving af * ck can be found here.

The moment you really  don’t care  about what others think of you … Look at the freedom it brings!

Tip 7 – Do rejections from the past still hinder you? Then receive and accept my compliment …

Do you regularly think back with painful feelings to one or more moments in your past when you were rejected? Maybe that was a fairly recent moment? For example when you asked your crush out?

Then I have good news for you: you are badass ! You showed yourself! You have been vulnerable! You’re a rock! Everyone wanted to do or dare to do the same as you.

Where the rest stayed on the sidelines, you were in the arena! You tripped and got punched … but you were brave . What a badass you are then! You are an example to others because you are in the middle of life, instead of on the sidelines.

You did the right thing. Being rejected is a heroic act. Be proud of that.

Do you know what this is called? Vulnerability . That is one of the most powerful qualities a person can display in his / her life. That is the # 1 quality that makes you happy . And you are 100% an expert in that. Read more about vulnerability here.

Are you stuck in your old story? That old story suddenly becomes your strength when you draw the lessons from it. Rejection has just turned into force. You are someone with rich experiences who can now go for even more rich experiences and even inspire others with this.

So: instead of hiding your love, step it up! Turn the volume knob up further! And notice what is happening. It is powerful when you communicate from your heart and it comes in powerfully.

Tip 8 – Work on your self-confidence


Finally, click here for 49+ tips to gain so much confidence that rejection is no longer a problem for you. And do you want to flirt afterwards? Then you will find 64+ flirting tips here.

Tip 9 – Does a rejection from the past hinder you? Give your confidence to the younger you

You have more confidence now anyway – and learned more lessons – than the younger you who may have ever been rejected. If because of that you don’t dare that much anymore, then give your knowledge and wisdom from now as a gift to the younger you. You can read how to do that in this article about ‘change personal history’.

To your success!

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