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How To Stop Being Bullied For Good [Crucial Tips & Advice]

How To Stop Being Bullied For Good [Crucial Tips & Advice]

Are you being bullied – or is your son or daughter being bullied? For example at school, work and / or via cyber bullying? How can you best stop bullying ? In this article you will find information, tips and quotes against bullying. Read further…

The definition of bullying

Bullying is attacking and hurting someone physically or psychologically. Acts that appear harmless, such as puns or intentionally not wanting to sit next to someone, are also bullying. Just like more obvious bullying actions, such as structural violence and extortion.

How can you stop bullying?

Below are powerful tips on how to combat bullying and make it stop. Let’s go straight to the first tip with important quotes about bullying …

Tip 1 – Read these quotes about quitting bullying first

A number of important quotes about bullying:

I’d rather be hated for who I am than be loved for someone I’m not. Wanting to become someone else is a sin of your own.
– Kurt Cobain

No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.
– Eleanor Roosevelt

If people keep hurting you, think of them as sandpaper; they may scratch and hurt you a bit, but in the end you are polished and they are ultimately useless.
– Chris Colfer

There is really no difference between the bully and the victim.
– Lady Gaga

People who love themselves don’t hurt other people. The more we hate ourselves, the more we want others to suffer.
– Dan Pearce

Tip 2 – Standing up honestly for yourself and expressing yourself … that relieves you!

“I’m being bullied at school, what should I do?” Very simple: get out of it and talk about it. To start with, someone you can trust. That is already a big step.

The consequences of bullying only remain in control if you contain yourself, if you keep it a secret and if you don’t express yourself.

The boy from the video above sets a good example by tackling it immediately in an open and vulnerable manner. You don’t have to tell the whole world right away, but can you follow his example by already telling one person?

Tip 3 – View examples of bullying and teasing at school: videos from

If you see other examples, you will find recognition. It is a first step to raise the alarm, ask for help and perhaps reach out to other people who are being bullied. The youth news regularly pays attention to bullying in its news items. You can also watch the movies from  for stories and real-life situations about bullying.

Tip 4 – Take measures against bullying at school together

What can the environment do about bullying? How do you help someone who is being bullied? Do you want help with bullying at school and are you looking for measures to combat it? Just have a diologue with school.

Tip 5 – Why do children bully? Bullies don’t get enough love themselves (the world is your mirror)

Why do people bully? And why even bully adults? Because they themselves are victims and lack love. In English they say it so beautifully: Hurt people hurt people.

People who have been victims themselves project that on others: people who abuse have never been complimented. They try to hurt others, but actually want to say, ‘I want to take the pain out of my body. I want to show someone else the pain that is inside me. I can’t talk about this, I’m sharing this by victimizing someone else. ‘

So don’t take it personally. Nothing is ever personal – and everything always has to do with the bully’s own issues. Also read this article about ‘the world is your mirror’.

Tip 5 – Forgive bullies and give them love

give your bullies love

We may treat even unconscious people with kindness. Do you remember? Bullies themselves live in pain. It’s a harsh reality. Can you give these people love? Here’s how to forgive people.

Somehow it is also very logical: Did you really expect that you would receive love from others / bullies without having to give them love yourself? This is the big secret of life: if you really want to experience something in your life, give away what you want more of . You have more than you thought you had and you only discover that when you give. That shift in your attitude produces the relevant experience.

We will discuss this further in the next tip …

Tip 6 – This sounds harsh… but you have been rightly(!) bullied – I want you to take responsibility for yourself

Maybe you are or were shy and struggled to make friends – and your actions failed. See all of that as justified. You called it at you with your intention, body language, words and feeling. You invited people to bully you or to have nothing to do with you.

  • When someone looked shocked when you approached them …
  • When someone unfriended you on Facebook …
  • When a ‘friend’ sent you home when you wanted to drop by for a visit …

They were all quite right. Because there was something about you … They could feel it … Something strange … Something that made them not trust you …

It all has to do with you coming to bring nothing. You just came to get it . You came to get validation and ‘love’ for yourself – from others. This bullying is a justified consequence of your narcissistic attitude. You acted from your ego , not from your love and joy.

Now you can make some changes. How? Add some value and don’t be the narcissistic beggar who only comes risk-free and cautiously begging for love – and is then surprised when he / she is treated as a bum and ignored.

You simply attract what you radiate.

Have you fixed the above points? Beautiful! You finally take responsibility. Now you are no longer an egoist who only wants to enrich yourself, for example by ‘belonging’. Now it will be fun to hang out with you! Now someone is standing! Now others get something from you too! And indeed …  now you also get something in return!

Tip 7 – Be proactive: you can control whether or not others have an effect on your feelings

proactive about bullying

Do you know what proactive behavior is? That you decide how you feel. You cannot control how others behave, but you can control how you deal with it. You can read more about proactive behavior here.

A person can only take away your self-esteem if you give it to him
– Mahatma Gandhi

In addition: Have you been bullied? Sorry, but that’s not your unique, special problem that suddenly makes you deserve so much attention and comfort. This only creates even more reasons to step into your victim role, so that you receive even more attention. We call this sickness gain – which sabotages your success . We also come back to the narcissistic aspect: as if you are so special that you have been bullied and are the only one in it.

In short: take responsibility. Take action. Fix it.

Tip 8 – Don’t fall for the FOMO trap: lots of friends (quantity) and being popular is not important

Always wanting to be accepted, to participate, to belong, to want more ‘friends’ and to want the same as others … that’s what we call FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out. It’s ridiculous fear. Can you let this go?

The number of friends you have – the quantity – is not important. One best friend is enough for you. In fact, it is impossible to have more than a few. What do you need to focus on to combat that FOMO? See next tip …

Tip 9 – Focus on your own dreams, desires and happiness

As long as you can do your passion, you shouldn’t feel bad about what others think, do and say. What do you really want? Go for that! Don’t compare yourself to others and choose your own happiness.

Tip 10 – Is your child being bullied? Pay attention to the self-esteem of the child in the education

raise the child proactively

How you raise your child has a huge effect on the child ‘s self-esteem . Self-esteem means that it doesn’t matter what others say or do – and it doesn’t matter what the child says or does – because that is separate from the child’s dignity. In this article about parenting you will learn how to raise children with self-worth. 

Tip 11 – Where can you go if you are bullied? Contact the doctor

Where can you go if you are bullied? Doctors can, for example, start a chat or send an email and ask for professional help.

On your luck!

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