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Believe in yourself: poems, quotes, sayings & songs

Believe in yourself: poems, quotes, sayings & songs

Believe in yourself and everything will be fine! In this article you will find poems, quotes, sayings, songs and books on the topic: “Keep believing in yourself.”

Why do you have to believe in yourself?

How many times have you been told that believing in yourself is so important? It is really special what beliefs and words can do to you. So express empowering beliefs about yourself: “I believe in myself!”

How do you believe in yourself? The 3 best tips …

  1. Become competent, so train your skills even further . After all, it is quite right that a pilot does not believe in himself if he cannot fly properly. Thank God! It would be disastrous if he believed in himself and took place in the cockpit. He just needs to brush up on his flying skills.
  2. Have patience. It can easily take a year or more before you get better at something. Then the belief in yourself will also be fine, and not tomorrow.
  3. Work on your self-esteem and confidence . But do this only after the previous two tips. Improving your skills is just one thing. Make more practice hours, make more flying hours, make more mistakes.

Songs about believing in yourself

Listen to the songs below – both of which look at this topic from different angles. What do you think of the different perspectives?

Click here for more motivational songs about believing in yourself.

Book recommendations on believing in yourself

It is nice to look into some book recommendations on this topic of believing in yourself. Louise Hay brings the subject very practical. Erik Blumenthal’s book recommendation looks at it from a more abstract angle.

Quotes, sayings and poems

Below you will find some great quotes about believing in yourself:

“Tag, you are it!” Don’t be an adult! Children believe in their dreams. They believe in themselves!


If you follow the path of others, you will never follow your own life. Believe in yourself and make your own way.
– Patrick Mundus


It’s not about how anyone else might think about me. It’s about how I think about myself.


Self-confidence is believing that you have a power greater than your fear.


If you believed in Santa Claus for 8 years, surely it must be possible to believe in yourself for 5 minutes?


You’re good enough. Smart, beautiful and strong enough. Listen to your heart and live your life. You don’t have anything to prove to anyone. Believe in yourself and prevent insecurities from ruining your life. You are perfect the way you are. Really!
– Poem circulating on the Internet. If anyone knows who the author is, let me know!

So, believe in yourself!

Believe in yourself. You already have everything in you to make whatever you want to achieve in your life a great success.

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